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Megan aka Megs: The Second in Command

Megan is the bawws, the glue and makes sure we have everything the team needs to do. Megan went to Seneca for fashion and worked for over a decade in merchandising and retail management. After working briefly in modern medicine, Megan took to nutrition and herbology. Now she makes wholesome organic products without all the bullshit while maintaining all our logistics and Ryan’s crazy antics!

Favourite Colour:

Black (It’s a colour in her book)

Favourite Caffeinated Drink:


Favourite Shoe:

Fall, Winter, Spring -black boots of any kind

What’s on your feet:


Favourite Frosty Mtn Drop:

Dazey Dayz!

Favourite Food or Restaurant:


Spirit Animal:


First Job:


Who would play you in a Movie about your life:

Marisa Tomei


Painting, crafting, making jewellery

Favourite Music:

Pretty much anything – just no ‘new’ country

Find Megs on instagram @yourgoodgreenlife

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