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Ryan - The Captain of the Frosty Ship

We are starting off our Frosty Bio series with Ryan Buds - So check back every week to learn more about the members of Frosty Mountain and Shoppe Fresh!


Now don't let this innocent face fool you, Ryan has been climbing the Frosty Mountain peak as the leader for the last 4 years. His creative thought process and ability to see the big picture has brought the company where it is today and hopefully to more Frosty ventures in the future!

Favourite Colour:

Right now - Pastels

Favourite Caffeinated Drink:

Steep Tizzle

Favourite Shoe:

Air Max 90

What’s on your feet:

New Balance Classics 574

Favourite Frosty Mtn Drop:

Not out yet

Favourite Food or Restaurant:


Spirit Animal:


First Job:

Paper Route

Who would play you in a Movie about your life:

Jay Baruchel or Justin Long


My hobbies became my career so atm I don’t have time for hobbies. Odd as that sounds.

Favourite Music:

Spark master Tape, Lost Dog Street band, anything that’s good really.

Favourite Strain:

Right now our Fizzy Pop cut.

If you're not following Ryan on Instagram find him today @Ryan.Buds or head over to the Frosty Living channel on You Tube for more content from Ryan and the crew!

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